About Us

History of Leather Lux

Leather Lux opened its doors at the Secret Garden Restaurant on 28 July 2007.

The founder, Marianne Labuschagne had a dream of finding hidden talents amongst Namibian individuals and through guidance help these individuals reach their full potential. Finding these talents and then creating a channel through which this produce can be sold posed quite a challenge. The global trend is to move away from mass produced articles and as the focus is shifting back to exclusive and hand produced items, the demand for these items is slowly on the increase.

The soul of this organization is the need for upliftment in rural Namibia and its hands are creativity and innovation. Marianne’s love for leather was the starting point, and remains our core focus. Leather is one of Namibia’s largest exports, and by creating the finished product locally, we create job opportunities.

Through many ‘coincidental' meetings and 'chance' business opportunities, we have seen many doors opening along the way. Leather Lux has grown into a resourceful and talented outlet for local craftsmen and contemporary African ideas.

Gothardine Oaes leads the manufacturing of our genuine leather handbags. She is a highly talented seamstress that currently works from her home in Katutura, Windhoek.

We believe in using every bit of raw material to our disposal and in doing so, reducing wastage by the maximum. This mission led us to the unemployed women of the Otjivero Dam informal settlement.

These women use the leather off-cuts to create beautiful leather rugs and because these rugs are in such a demand, they now earn a sustainable income from their handiwork.

Not only do we design, produce and sell quality, genuine leather hand bags and rugs, Leather Lux also supports Namibia's wire craft industry, working closely with the artists to conceptualize unique and functional pieces.

Kay-leigh Vermeulen, a partner in Leather Lux, have extensive beading and jewellery making skills. She started an upliftment project in Grahamstown SA before moving to Windhoek. Kay-Leigh will be key in uplifting the Namibian community through skills transfer.

We’ve also joined hands with the Czech sponsored community project called “People in Need”. They have a project running in Keetmanshoop, empowering people living with HIV/Aids. They produce all manner of goods from beaded jewelry to aprons and ostrich egg shell detail on linen hand bags.

Leather Lux now boasts 12 employees, half a dozen outlets and local suppliers wherever we find talent. When variety calls for it we at Leather Lux have crafty talents of our own to offer. Each of us has found our niche, a craft environment that we love and crave. From mosaic mirrors and crosses to jewelry and pewter work, we contribute to the mission and will transfer skills whenever we get the opportunity.

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